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About Us


We’re worldwide non-profit charity ogranization.

O-Bless is a global fundraising platform created by ONPASSIVE, an AI/IT firm that focuses on making software and applications powered with AI.

We at O-Bless strongly believe that it takes every bit drop to form an entire ocean. The same is followed in our ideas of making a fundraising platform that helps make a difference in the lives of many individuals across the globe.

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what we do

We raise funds for meaningful and innovative causes around the globe! 

Covid -19 Fundraiser: 

The ongoing pandemic has encouraged us to make a difference among those facing the worst of the pandemic by ensuring that they are helped in any way, be it food, clothing or medicines. We have been able to raise funds for the victims of Covid-19 and their families. The fundraiser is still alive, and we plan to continue it for as long as the pandemic is prevailing. 

Innovative Causes

We believe in supporting and encouraging young and dynamic mindsets to open to various ideas and business models. We raise funds for innovative and scientific causes that are promising and can benefit a large section of the community we live in. 

Save and Promote Greenery

With the rise in Global Warming and Deforestation, O-Bless has made it a point to make sure that we are giving it back to nature by planting and saving more trees. Go Green is our motto, and we believe that it is high time that we impact the nature around us. 

Water for All

There are many countries in the world where most sections of the population have no access to safe and potable drinking water. With Fluorosis on the rise, people must have clean and safe drinking water, which is necessary for everyone to lead a healthy and better life with basic needs. 

Our Mission


We believe that we can save more lifes with you.

We believe that we can save more lives with your help! 

Be a part of a revolutionary change and bring the makeover for different lives by providing them with the means to have a decent livelihood. Make way for the best chance to create a life-changing difference with various humanitarian and innovative causes with O-Bless. 

The following are our Priorities: 

  • Eradicate hunger and poverty 
  • Provide the best treatment for underprivileged Covid-19 patients. 
  • Encourage innovative and meaningful causes


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